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Kids Are At Increased Risk For Bicycle Accidents

As spring approaches, and the weather gets warmer, many people start to pull their bicycles out of the garage and take them for a spin. As good for your body and spirit as biking is, sometimes we forget that it can also be dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, in 2011, 677 people were killed and 48,000 injured in bicycle/motor vehicle accidents in the United States. 91% of the bicyclists killed weren’t wearing helmets. Read More

The Realities of High Risk Driving Behaviors

It’s hard to miss the recent dramatic media coverage of celebrities involved in drag racing, high speed car accidents, and chases, some of them ending in fatal collisions that made international headlines. The recent tragic accident involving Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas occurred just miles away from OPO’s corporate office in Valencia, CA.  Society’s fascination with speed is nothing new. It’s a long-standing tradition in television and movies to glorify high-speed chases, drag-racing and eluding the police, all in the name of "speed."  Read More