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In today’s fast-paced world filled with frantic commuters and crowded roadways, it’s no wonder that statistics for auto accidents are climbing at a frightening rate with an average of one auto accident occurring about every six seconds.

Have you been a victim of a car accident that left you confused and unsure where to turn for help? There are important steps that must be taken whenever you are involved in a car accident. If you find yourself in need of legal representation, our lawyers who specialize in auto accidents will stand at your side to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it.

We invite you to watch the video below, as Mrs. Vacio shares the story of her husband’s devastating car accident and the support that Owen, Patterson & Owen provided for her family throughout the tragedy of losing a beloved family member and navigating the legal steps necessary to ensure her family’s wellbeing.

The Vacio Family – Car Accident Case

Greg Owen discusses how Owen, Patterson & Owen can help right away

Take Action! When it comes to car accidents there are three actions you must take right away to protect yourself:

  1. Get medical care: Sometimes it’s hard to tell immediately just how extensive injuries sustained during an accident really are. If anyone appears seriously injured, call an ambulance by dialing 911. If an ambulance is deemed unnecessary, be sure to follow up with your personal doctor or a nearby urgent care or emergency clinic to make sure you or your passengers haven’t sustained an injury that could become devastating later.
  2. Speak with the police at the scene of the accident: It’s important that you call the police and file a report to help determine who is at fault. While it’s understandable that you may be upset, it is essential that you answer the police’s questions as they gather information at the scene of the accident.
  3. Exchange insurance and contact information: If police or other officials are not at the scene of the accident, it is very important that you or one of your passengers gets the name of the other driver, their contact information such as a phone number, the make, model and license plate number of the other vehicle involved in the accident, and their insurance information.

A car accident is traumatic enough, you don’t need to endure what comes after on your own. Expert Santa Clarita auto accident attorneys, Owen, Patterson & Owen will provide the professional experience, compassion, and assistance you need towards achieving a positive outcome.

We will act on your behalf with insurance companies and other attorneys: Insurance companies, even your own, are not necessarily serving your best interests, but rather looking out for their own. Owen, Patterson & Owen will talk to each of the involved insurance companies so that you don’t get tangled in additional trouble and inconvenience.

Navigate confusing paperwork: Let experienced Santa Clarita car accident lawyers, Owen, Patterson & Owen manage the huge mass of tedious documents so that your case is moved forward quickly and properly. Owen, Patterson & Owen will seek protection from loss or reduction of wages, large medical bills, and even the pain and suffering that you or your loved one might experience.

Hold careless, irresponsible drivers accountable: Most auto accidents are caused by careless, distracted or impaired driving. Owen, Patterson & Owen will work to determine just who is responsible for the trauma you’ve experienced, and assist with corrective measures to hold them accountable.

Get appropriate compensation from those responsible for the accident: Sometimes there is more than one person that can be held responsible for the accident. Owen, Patterson & Owen will investigate and evaluate all potential responsible parties. These might be employers of the driver whose vehicle was involved, government / municipal organizations responsible for maintaining safe, well-marked roadways or vehicle manufacturers. Owen, Patterson & Owen will consider a wide variety of options on your behalf.

If you were involved in an auto accident, and would like to learn more about how Owen, Patterson & Owen can support you, you can read more on our separate motor vehicle accident site.

If your case involves an auto accident, you can read more on our separate motor vehicle accident site.
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