Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Assisting People Injured in Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Were you or someone you know injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident? Did someone's carelessness or negligence cause this accident? 

Fox 22 News – Owen, Patterson & Owen Wins $25 Million Dollar Verdict for Personal Injury Victim

The attorneys at Owen, Patterson & Owen have spent the last three decades helping Southern California accident victims to get compensated for their injuries. When you engage our services following a pedestrian or bicycle accident, we will use everything we have to get you a good settlement. 

Attorney Greg Owen on Bicycle Injury Cases

Many bicyclists are also injured, due to many drivers that don't realize they have to share the road. Older and younger bike riders alike can end up with head injuries and other serious medical problems as a result of bicycle accidents. We are very serious about getting justice for the victims of negligent drivers. 

Unfortunately many accidents involve pedestrians, many of whom are injured while walking across a crosswalk. A large number of drivers simply do not stop to let pedestrians cross. This disregard for a pedestrian's right of way can cause terrible accidents. 

$1.7 Million Settlement by Jury: A pedestrian was hit in a crosswalk by a hit and run driver; the pedestrian spent over a year wheelchair-bound and continued to suffer from painful leg injuries. We found the driver responsible for the accident and got compensation for the injured pedestrian. Our attorneys took the case to court and got the victim $1.7 million.

Our staff of experienced legal professionals are also able to deal with pedestrian and biking accidents caused by road hazards, like deep potholes. We can also help bike riders whose accidents were the result of faulty equipment. 

The First Step: A No-Cost Consultation. Contact our firm at 800.676.5295 or via e-mail; we will arrange for you to meet with a lawyer to talk about your pedestrian or bicycle accident.