Birth Injuries

Helping Birth Injury Victims.

When the unthinkable occurs, Owen, Patterson & Owen are here to assist you in case your infant suffers a serious injury or wrongful death.  Tragically, these cases can be avoided but if the hospital or medical staff does not do their part and is responsible for the death or injury of your child, you need us.

  • Do you believe that the medical personnel, doctors or nurses are at fault?
  • Is your baby recovering from injuries caused during the birthing process?
  • Did the hospital that you delivered play a role in the wrongful death or injury of your newborn?

Owen, Patterson & Owen personal injury attorneys believes they should be held accountable and that you should receive something for your pain, suffering or loss. For over 30 years, our talented lawyers have established a resilient track record for helping parents who are in your shoes.

Voted #1 Personal Injury Legal Firm: The citizens of Southern California voted Owen, Patterson & Owen as number one, which means a great deal to us. The honor is a direct reflection of our commitment to helping such victims, as well as many other cases of negligence concerning children.

Even though physicians, nurses and medical professionals have extensive education and training to ensure that the childbirth process goes smoothly, unfortunately misuse of technology or failure to communicate can result in serious birth injury or wrongful infant death. Injuries caused by fetal distress, birth trauma or negligence can and do happen. Subsequently, the baby can be left with permanent or irreversible birth defects, such as cerebral palsy, brain damage, shoulder dystopia or Erb’s palsy, among others.

Our legal firm is committed to help parents gain the necessary compensation to provide medical care for the duration of the child’s life. Our goal is to help your child live as happy and as prosperous a life as possible, despite the negligence.

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