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Assisting Dog Attack Victims

When a vicious dog bites or a dog attack occurs, the attorneys at Owen, Patterson & Owen can help you get the maximum reparation for your personal injury.  In fact, if you or a loved one, has suffered from an animal attack of any type of pet, our expert Santa Clarita dog bite lawyers can make sure you get both the physical and financial compensation you deserve for such a negligent act.  This applies whether the pet / dog owner knows of any history the pet has to be vicious or not.

Listen to Senior Partner Greg Owen and Managing Partner Susan Owen discuss a case where long-term emotional trauma resulted from a severe dog attack.

Partners Greg and Susan Owen Discuss Long-Term Emotional Trauma Resulting From Dog Attack

  • Have you or your child, spouse or relative suffered from a dog bite injury?
  • Have you or a family member experienced an animal or dog attack?

California Law is unwavering.  Any owner of a dog or pet is responsible if their pet bites someone. Whether the owner had any prior knowledge of the potential for their pet to attack or not, the law is clear.  Any canine has the potential to lash out, even beyond certain known breeds such as Dobermans, Rottweiler’s or Pitbulls. Our dog bite attorneys understand the laws and realize that these animals can cause serious injury or bodily harm. The resulting infection can often be more serious than the bite itself.

We help such victims. With the Santa Clarita dog bite attorneys at Owen, Patterson & Owen on your side, you will have the confidence and resources needed to get proper medical attention and maximum compensation that you or your loved ones deserve.  We are committed to helping you and can empower you with the expertise, medical treatment and resources to recover from your incident.

Case in point:  We helped a 42-year old dog attack victim who suffered from a severe ear injury as a result of a Lancaster store owner allowing his canine to roam free through the store.  She was awarded with $650,000 in damages.

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