Driver Fatigue Checklist:


Getting in the driver’s seat when you are super sleepy can lead to very deadly results. We’ve all felt a little tired at times when behind the wheel, but how do we know when we’ve crossed the threshold into being too tired to drive safely? The next time you’re in a situation where you are unsure if you should get behind the wheel, review this driver fatigue checklist for some warning signs that you should be pulling off the road to take a much needed nap.

Signs that you might be too fatigued to drive:

  1. Sore or heavy eyes: If you notice that you are consistently rubbing your eyes and that they are red and watery this could be your body sending you a message – time to take a nap!
  2. Normal rapid blinking is lengthened into the eyes closing for several seconds at a time: Studies have shown that during a “microsleep” of only a few seconds, a car at medium to high speed can travel 100 yards, plenty of time to cause a serious crash.
  3. Difficulty remembering the last few miles that you’ve driven: Memory lapses are a clear signal that fatigue is impairing your focus and judgment.
  4. Drifting in the lane: Weaving back and forth on the road can result in a serious accident for yourself and cause mayhem on the road for other drivers who are forced to brake or swerve to avoid collision.
  5. Variations in driving speed: Fatigue impairs your focus and multitasking ability, making it difficult to keep your car at an even speed.
  6. Daydreaming and an inability to stay focused: If you find yourself missing road signs, turns or exits during your journey, this is a definite sign of fatigue.

Until special driver fatigue alarms and embedded monitors in car seats are readily available to  drivers to offset the dangers of driving while drowsy, all of us need to be aware of the warning signs and dangers of driver fatigue.

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