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Motorcycles are fuel-efficient and fun – but what happens when you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident? Injuries and trauma in these situations can be severe, and statistics show that motorcycle accidents are as prevalent as ever. If you find yourself in an accident, experienced Santa Clarita motorcycle accident lawyers Owen, Patterson & Owen have the real-world knowledge, experience and track record to help.

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Any accident is traumatic. But what follows the accident can be even worse if you don’t have an experienced team to support you like the Santa Clarita law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen. Our lawyers, some who ride motorcycles themselves, can help you navigate the following important issues:

Appropriate medical care: Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident, Owen, Patterson & Owen will provide guidance in obtaining proper medical care and fight for the party at fault to absorb the overwhelming medical bills.

Help manage intimidating discussions with the police: After any accident, it is important that as soon as you take care of any medical attention needed, that you call the police and file a report immediately. Motorcycle riders are often unfairly blamed for accidents that really were caused by other drivers being inattentive and careless. Carefully explain the crash to the police. Owen, Patterson & Owen will help in gathering accurate stories from witnesses as well.

Accountability and compensation: When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there can be many variables involved that determine responsibility for the accident. And more than one responsible party. Government workers may have allowed incorrectly marked lanes to go unresolved. A motorcycle can easily be involved in an accident due to the careless actions of a distracted driver, an inexperienced driver of a larger vehicle or vehicle manufacturer defects. It takes just one careless lane change to create a deadly situation. The experienced Santa Clarita motorcycle crash attorneys at Owen, Patterson & Owen will work on your behalf to determine who is responsible for the accident and assist with obtaining the proper compensation.

Handle confusing paperwork: The facts of a motorcycle accident are often more complicated than traditional auto accidents, resulting in large amounts of paperwork generated by insurance companies and other parties involved. Owen, Patterson & Owen will manage the full range of information and documentation required including medical bills, police reports, insurance filings, coroner’s reports and funeral arrangements.

Coordinate with insurance companies and other attorneys: Insurance companies, even your own, are not necessarily serving your best interests, but rather looking out for their own. After a motorcycle accident, Owen, Patterson & Owen will act on your behalf with the insurance companies and any other attorneys involved to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Our team of expert Santa Clarita motorcycle accident lawyers includes motorcycle enthusiasts. If your case involves a motorcycle accident, please visit our separate motorcycle accident site.

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