OPO Wins $25 Million Verdict for 4-Year-Old Injured in Hit and Run Accident

A 4-year-old girl’s life was changed irrevocably when she was run over repeatedly by a hit-and-run drunk driver while playing with her siblings. At trial we made sure that justice was served for this girl and her family when we obtained a $25 million verdict on behalf of Mireyli Gomez, the second largest personal injury judgment in Riverside County history.


Represented by Senior Partners, Greg and Susan Owen, the Gomez family will now have the ability to provide Mireyli with the extensive medical treatment and care that will be required throughout her life due to the injuries she sustained from that accident.

This case, which garnered headlines throughout local and state media including The Riverside Press Enterprise, and The San Luis Obispo Tribune, began when defendant Hugo Aguirre backed his SUV into a group of siblings who were playing nearby. Though the others were able to avoid being hit, 4-year-old Mireyli was run over twice by Aquirre, shattering her pelvis and causing other massive injuries. Aquirre, who had been drinking alcohol, fled the scene but was later arrested and convicted of hit and run. (See Gomez vs. Aguirre, Riverside County Superior Court Case # RIC1112097.)

Our passion for aiding victims in cases like this is evident in the many victories we have obtained on their behalf over the last 31 years. We have successfully represented physically, emotionally, and financially injured people in major slip and fall cases as well as auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents, which you can see details of here.

“While the pain of this accident will never go away for little Mireyli, we are happy to know that she will now have the resources to face the many challenges her future will bring,” said Greg Owen. “Repeated drunk drivers must be deterred. With a historical verdict like this, they can see that the courts will show no mercy and that we are committed to pursuing justice for those they injure.” 

Read more about this case: http://www.opolaw.com/25million-auto-accident-judgment.

If you or someone in your family has been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else, you may receive a quick offer from an insurance company. Be aware, however, this offer isn’t usually the best one, and may be inadequate to cover the medical expenses incurred from your injuries. Read here to understand when you should contact a personal injury lawyer and how they are essential for fighting   for every penny you and your family deserve.


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