Our Results

The cases below are a sampling of the many results we have obtained aiding the physically, emotionally, and financially injured over the last 36 years.

$4.85 Billion Settlement: Owen, Patterson & Owen uncovered the deceptive and dangerous practices by Merck pharmaceuticals and filed the first complaint on July 23, 2001. OPO represented hundreds of Vioxx victims throughout the country.

$68 Million Settlement: Against a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. Owen, Patterson & Owen represented hundreds of patients who were injured by this defective drug.

$56.5 Million Settlement: High school wrestler injured by defective sporting goods equipment.

Confidential Settlement: Blind, brain damaged, quadriplegic 2-year-old boy. Defendant rented and mounted a car top carrier on parent’s Pinto. At speed the heavy car top carrier caused Pinto to go out of control and roll down embankment.

$35 Million Settlement: 12-year-old brain damaged Palmdale girl. Rusted parking lot light pole fell and struck her in the head.

Confidential Settlement: A major oil company contaminated a small town’s water supply with the dangerous chemical DBCP. Plaintiff’s experts claimed that ingestion by drinking or showering in the water would result in cancer.

$25 Million Verdict: Ex-marine suffered heart attack caused by defective drug, Vioxx. Owen, Patterson & Owen served as co-counsel.

Confidential Settlement: Defective drug Phen Phen. Owen, Patterson & Owen represented multiple plaintiffs.

$14.25 Million Verdict: College gymnast rendered quadriplegic due to defective mini trampoline and foam pit.

$6.3 million Verdict: Security guard struck 21-year-old store patron with handgun which discharged and resulted in paraplegia.

Confidential Settlement: Plaintiff, body builder, worked part time as a mover. Plaintiff was looking under hood of moving truck to see why engine would not start. Gas explosion burned and disfigured his chest, face and ears. He spent four months at the Grossman Burn Center. Eight surgeries slightly improved his appearance.

Confidential settlement: Crushing injury to 15-year CHP motorcycle officer. Defective product case against Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. Police bikes not tested with heavy police radio mounted over rear tire. Additional weight caused motorcycle to wobble in high speed turn resulting in rider v. pavement crash.

$3.8 Million Settlement: Defective pool design and maintenance. Plaintiff, a 25-year-old woman was staying at a major Las Vegas hotel. After lying in the sun and drinking alcohol for several hours by the pool, she jumped into what she thought was the deep end. She struck her head on the unmarked shallow end pool bottom. She suffered incomplete quadriplegia.

$3.5 Million Settlement: Against governmental entity. Defective road design. Plaintiff rendered paraplegic when he reached down to pick up coffee mug on floor of Ford Bronco while traveling on Interstate 5. Lack of guardrail steeply graded shoulder and plaintiff’s inattentiveness caused Bronco to rollover.

Confidential Settlement: Foster care abuse. 12-year-old girl purposely scalded and sexually abused by county approved foster parents. Failure to timely inspect foster home for statute compliance.

Confidential Settlement: Defective product. Large commercial sanding machine dragged plaintiff’s arm into machine. Machine was not equipped with an emergency shut off button. Co-workers could not hear plaintiff’s screams due to noise of machine. Ulnar nerve severed. Permanent loss of use of right arm.

Confidential Settlement: An off-campus Palmdale high school football party was held at a private home. Alcohol was provided to the underage attendees with no supervision. Several members of the team beat a fellow student severely. He died from his head injuries later that night.

$2.8 million Settlement: Defective product. Our client was a professional truck driver. His truck was equipped with an air ride suspension seat. One night on a dark roadway his truck ran over an object in the road. The seat was not equipped with a limiting strap. The air seat shot his head into the cab of the truck and broke his neck.

Confidential Settlement: U-Haul truck illegally parked on 210 Freeway overpass in Montrose. Plaintiff’s vehicle crashes into rear of truck. Major head injuries.

$2.3 Million Settlement: Defective road design against governmental entity. 14-year-old boy was a passenger in father’s car, which was equipped with lap belts only. County failed to repair dirt shoulder after torrential rains. Father lost control of vehicle when passenger side tires contacted shoulder during accident. Son’s face struck dashboard causing over 100 facial fractures. Numerous surgeries needed throughout teen (growth) years.

Confidential Settlement: Product liability. 8-year-old boy attempted to “pop” a wheelie on the Taiwanese motocross bicycle he received for his birthday. An entire run of 500 bikes had faulty welds. Severe facial injuries.

$1.95 Million Settlement: Against Los Angeles County Foster Care. Abuse included broken bones, hunger and sexual abuse.

Confidential Settlement: Motorcyclist competing in dual sport ride was killed at a point where the off road trail was routed across a major highway.

$1.8 Million Binding Arbitration: 60-year-old government worker complained of worsening bilateral leg numbness and weakening for over one year. Kaiser finally preformed MRI, which showed a football sized tumor. Tumor removal surgery left plaintiff paraplegic and impotent.

Confidential Settlement: Against Northern California school district. Special needs, autistic 10-year-old girl came home from school with severe vaginal trauma.

$1.7 Million Judgment: Hit and run accident where pedestrian was struck in crosswalk on Van Nuys Boulevard by a Datsun B210. Car was traced to an employee at Cap’n Ed’s Smoke Shop. Plaintiff was in a wheelchair for over one year and had significant residual leg injuries.

Confidential Settlement: Medical malpractice 58-year-old woman taken to the emergency room located in East Los Angeles hospital with heart attack symptoms. ER staff refused to see her. She died in front of her family. Events captured on hospital video security system.

$1.65 Million Verdict: Hispanic housekeeper injured when doors of Metrolink bus closed on her resulting in slight scarring and soft tissue injuries.

$1.4 Million Settlement: Against major motion picture company. During filming of a popular T.V. action show, our client was instructed to “safety” the cameraman while a car jumped 20 feet in the air while on fire. On impact the car went out of control severely injuring the stuntman in the car, the cameraman and our client, the safety.

Confidential Settlement: Wrongful death. Decedent purchased used motorcycle from North Hollywood dealership. The dealer knew the motorcycle had transmission problems but did not tell decedent. Transmission “locked up” on Interstate 5 throwing decedent into the center divider.

$1.35 Million Settlement: Wrongful death. Decedent who was driving compact auto to deliver L.A. Times newspapers was struck at 4:30 a.m. by drunk teen. Decedent was ejected into street where his own car rolled and crushed him. Decedent not required to wear seatbelt during deliveries pursuant to vehicle code.

$1.2 Million Settlement: Settlement during trial. Against manufacturer of diabetes drug. Severe liver damage to 50-year-old Santa Clarita man.

Confidential Settlement: Product liability. Plaintiff was a 38-year-old UPS driver. He was attempting to apply a roof on his house. Due to manufacturing defect, the rock granules did not adhere to the tar paper. This caused plaintiff to fall off a two-story roof. Loss of vision in one eye prevented him returning to UPS as a driver.

$1.2 Million Verdict: Slaughterhouse accident. Defective overhead rail system. Slab of beef fell from overhead transport system.

$1.2 Million Settlement: Medical malpractice against Northern California hospital. Plaintiff was temporarily on a ventilator in ICU. Ventilator tube disconnected. Warning alarm had been shut off by nursing staff. Oxygen deprivation causing brain damage.

$1.1 Million Settlement: Wrongful death, off-road motorcycle accident at Frazier Park. Land owner knew riding trail led to cliff where other riders had died or been injured. Land owner was on notice of hazardous condition yet did not close trail or post warnings.

Confidential settlement: Boat propeller severely lacerates 32-year-old man who was about to water ski when driver put boat in reverse and backed over him.

$1.1 Million Settlement: High School football practice injury. Coaching negligence.

$1 Million Settlement: Steel worker fell three stories and was impaled by a piece of rebar, which was not capped per OSHA standards. Worker also violated OSHA standards by not tying off with his safety line.

Confidential Settlement: Wrongful death. 45-year-old studio set carpenter, Big Larry, was riding his Harley Davidson Shovelhead on La Tuna Canyon Road in Tujunga, when a limousine driver crossed over the center divider and struck him.

$875,000 Settlement: With Owner/Driver of 15-passenger van at LAX whose side mirror struck a pedestrian in the head.

$800,000 Settlement: Carpenter’s arm completely severed below elbow while using a skilsaw with a blade guard removed. Arm successfully reattached at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. High comparative fault. Plaintiff removed safety guard.

$750,000 Settlement: Boating accident on Colorado River in Parker Arizona. Drunk, off-duty ‘public servants’ collided with another boat causing severe lacerations to 17-year-old female passenger.

$650,000 Settlement: Plaintiff, a highly experienced motorcycle rider, was cut off by a big rig driver who was lost on the Interstate 5 and 405 junction. The motorcyclist was sucked under the trailer and run over by the rear wheels. The motorcyclist was uninsured and ultimately had one leg amputated. Proposition 213 limitations applied.

$650,000 Verdict: Against teen driver speeding in Pacific Palisades. Collision caused plaintiff significant sciatica injury.

$650,000 Settlement: Product liability suit against Japanese 3-wheel ATV manufacturer. Major knee and leg damage when leg was run over by rear wheel.

$550,000 Settlement: Medical Malpractice defendant urologist injected radioactive dye into plaintiff's penis in preparation for fluoroscopy. Dye was not diluted and burned away tissue in corpus cavernosum. Plaintiff became permanently impotent.

$550,000 Settlement: With MTA. Disputed liability bus v. auto. Shoulder surgery.

$550,000 Settlement: Plaintiff drank bottle of beer at L.A. bar. Immediately felt severe burning in mouth and throat. Case against major beer bottler. Caustic dye in bottle washing process was not rinsed out prior to bottling.

Confidential Settlement: Against State of California. Road crew applied striping paint on Angeles Crest Highway on a very cold winter morning. Motorcyclist crashed when his front tire touched wet paint. Road manual instructions state that paint not to be applied when air temperature is below 45 degrees, otherwise, paint will not dry. Broken arm, elbow and shoulder.

$350,000 Settlement: Plaintiff was riding his friends brand new Harley Davidson Night Train when a woman made a left-hand turn in her pharmaceutical company minivan. He required knee surgery.

$178,000 Settlement: Plaintiff, a 28-year-old construction worker was stopped for a red light on his Harley Shovelhead when he was rear-ended by a passenger car. Bulging disc at L5 S1.

$175,000 Settlement: Sexual abuse. Boss masturbates at desk and calls in 21-year-old female assistant.

$175,000 Jury Verdict: Motorcycle v. Auto. Plaintiff was riding his Honda motorcycle to work in Woodland Hills. A recklessly driven rental car forced him onto the dirt shoulder where he crashed. Driver of rental car fled scene and claimed he was not involved.

$175,000 Verdict: Product defect. Steel fabrication company installed the wrong hinges on an electrical vault hatch door. Door broke while opening causing worker to fall and break wrist. $175,000 Verdict: Against police department in Inland Empire for excessive force.

$120,000 Settlement: Plaintiff was stopped for a red light when a Castaic Lake water agency truck rear-ended him and totaled his car. Lower back and neck soft tissue injuries.

$73,500 Settlement: With Wal-Mart for improperly maintained flower cooler, which leaked on floor, causing plaintiff to fall. Knee injury.

$35,000 Settlement: With governmental agency for prison guard misconduct.