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We Assist Sufferers of Slip and Fall Accidents

If you or one of your loved ones has experienced an injury the occurred due to slipping and falling at any type of establishment, Owen, Patterson & Owen specializes in getting you the compensation you deserve.

Managing Partner Suzy Owen discusses Slip & Fall incident that took place at an amphitheater. Santa Clarita slip and fall attorneys Owen, Patterson & Owen obtained a 3.2 million dollar settlement for their client:

Slip & Fall case resulting in a 3.2 million dollar settlement

Stores and businesses should be accountable for the conditions of their operations.  Their negligence caused you or your loved one harm; therefore you should get the maximum benefits as a result of their negligence, whether it was intentional or unintentional. Such slip and fall accident cases like objects obstructing walkways or aisles, slippery or defective floors and more can cause serious injury to you.  Even poor weather from faulty ceilings or leaks can be the fault of a business who refuses to make adjustments or who fails to provide adequate safety measures to protect their customers.

You can be confident that we will work with due diligence on your behalf to pursue the justification that you deserve.

Owen, Patterson & Owen can also take on cases involving loose or sharp shelving, obstructions, falling objects, or other scenarios that can cause injury. Our legal team is able to handle any personal injury case that occurs. We work on a contingency basis so that you can get the proper medical attention while your case is underway, and you never owe us a dime until the case is settled.

If an accident was caused by negligence of a department store, restaurant, place of business or anywhere, our expert Santa Clarita slip and fall lawyers can help.  With over 30 years of experience in your favor, we help you stand up for your rights and serve all types of slip and fall accident victims. Many people think that tripping, slipping or falling is not serious, when in fact it can cause serious personal injury or in some cases, even death. Head, back, neck or spinal trauma can be irreversible.

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