Wrongful Death

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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Santa Clarita

Getting Results in Wrongful Death Cases

When an unthinkable tragedy occurs, the expert Santa Clarita wrongful death attorneys of Owen, Patterson & Owen understand that you can’t put a dollar amount on a life, but they also know how difficult a wrongful or accidental death can be to the victim’s loved ones. Since 1977, our wrongful death attorneys have been fighting for justice on behalf of those people who have lost family members to accidents or negligence.

  • Have you lost a relative or loved one due to electrocution or drowning?
  • Has the life of someone in your family been lost due to a drunk driver?

We sympathize with you, no matter what type of fatal accident your family has endured due to the negligence of another person or organization. We realize how devastating the loss of a loved one in a situation like this is and what you need is a wrongful death lawyer who can lead the fight for justice for you during an emotional time.

We take pride in getting financial compensation for families to help them cope with their loss due to wrongful death. We want to obtain compensation to cover the costs of lost income, medical expenses and funeral costs.

Our Santa Clarita wrongful death attorneys have the experience to stand up for your rights at an emotionally devastating time. We use the utmost care and show compassion when you need it most.

Schedule a free consultation by contacting us at 800-676-5295 or send us an email and you can meet to discuss your wrongful death case with our experienced wrongful death lawyers in Santa Clarita.